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These can also be added to an existing website

PORTFOLIOS is a great custom content management system that can be added to any existing website. If you are an artist, you can create categories like murals, faux painting, portraits, stills, etc. Each category becomes a page and the artist can upload examples of the work and descriptive paragraphs explaining subtleties to potential clients. If you are a contractor, you can create categories like residential, commercial, industrial, churches, and schools. The contractor can put in a paragraph about each category that will show up at the top of each respective pages, and then upload photos and descriptions of an unlimited number of projects within each category. (Note: On EvergreenBall.org the client calls Portfolios "Live Auction Items" and "Silent Auction Items".)

The CLASSIFIEDS CMS application can be added to any site, and you can set up groups like furniture, antiques, jewelry, sporting goods, cars, and even homes for sale by owner. It can be set so that visitors can add their own items along with all of the descriptive fields and multiple pictures. The items added now are just waiting your approval as the administrator of the site. You simply log in and click approve or delete. If the item is added by the administrator, it is automatically approved. (Note: On TammyBryantMLX.com the client calls Classifieds "Search Non MLS".)

The ALBUM application is great for getting lots of traffic to your site for free. It can be added to any existing website. You create pages/categories for your album like Family Fun, Smoky Mtn Memories, Spectacular Scenery, Our Home, Yester - Years, etc. It is set up to allow site visitors to add their own photographs to your album pages. They upload their pictures and stories, and the items are then just waiting your approval. As the administrator of the site, you simply log in and click approve or delete. When you approve the item, the person that uploaded it gets an email letting them know it is now available for view on the site. When they click the link, they go to their picture. While viewing the picture, there is a share with a friend button. So they email it to friends who in turn visit your site to see the picture and they get to upload their own.

FLYER is the best way to quickly and easily put a door buster on the home page of your website. You can change the message in seconds. You can add pictures and as much or little text as need to let your customers know all about it. When you are not using the flyer it disappears from your site completely. It does not leave any blank space or any open area; it vanishes completely. You can deactivate a special or announcement and then reactivate it with one single click. So if you want to use the same flyer each year at Christmas, you are only one click away. (Note: On ShellSlagle.com home page the client calls Flyer "Featured Item".)

This STAFF module is the quickest and easiest way for you to add, update, edit, and delete company staff information. You can create categories based on position. You can enter photos, phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information. You can also add detail or summary information if desired that would show skill set, certification, and education information for each member.
Content Management Solutions
Some pages on your site will rarely change, other pages on your site require periodic update. Content management systems (CMS) gives you the ability to change all the information you need to on your website without having to pay a web developer to do it. At PDS Web Development, we offer many different CMS applications for your website. Whether you need to update documents for download, post new pictures, upload new videos, change pricing, add new people to your company staff, or inform customers about the latest promotion, you need CMS. Our CMS solutions give you the tools you need to keep your site current and relevant. They are easy to use and very powerful. Below are a few of the examples we offer. If you need a custom CMS application, we can build it for you to your specs.
Link to website for Dandridge Water Management Facility
Dandridge Water Management Facility
This content management solution serves as the municipal utilities' communication portal with their customers. It house many files for customer download like the water service applications and the well user agreement. It is also the most efficient way to meet reporting requirements for water quality and CMOM. Customers can access up-to-date rates and get billing explanations online as well. It also enables customers to report problems to the utility, pay their bill on-line, and check on project updates. The entire web has an easy to use backend that allows the administers at the utility to keep files, facts, updates, and reports current and accurate.
Link to website for Appalachian Training Center for the Healing Arts
Appalachian Training Center for Healing Arts
This robust and custom content management solution is the primary marketing focus for the day spa and massage therapy school. It allows the owners to post course curriculum and class schedules. It also boasts a custom registration / payment system that customers can use to register and pay for clinics all the while the system is tracking class size and availability. It also has a custom integrated system for other spa's to post job openings for massage students. The user friendly events calendar is easy for the owner to enter and manage events as well as site visitors to search and find just the right event for them. Another great feature is that the owners can create specials/coupons which are available on the site.
Link to website for Vols 4 Stem
Vols 4 Stem
This is a site connects teachers with STEM professionals (Scientists, Technology Pros, Engineers, and Mathematicians) wanting to do educational outreach. It shows the many existing outreach programs and gives information about starting/sponsoring one in a nearby school. It allows teachers to input custom requests for speakers, resources, field trip opportunities, etc. that are then filled by the STEM volunteers via the the site. The administrators can upload videos, and other media to the media libraries as well post to the rss news feed and event calendar.